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GF-8800 Series - Secure Line
GateSet Secure Line GF-8800 Series Double Full Height Turnstiles are robust products designed to function both indoor and outdoor environments, providing pedestrian access control in areas requiring high level of security. Cage type structure manufactured from heavy gauge steel enhances the strength of the GF-8800 Series to withstand against crowd pressure. Its heavy duty mechanics ensure smooth operation during the control of thousands of pedestrians at one session successively. With proven ability to handle massive crowds in places like subways or stadiums, GF-8800 Series Double Full Height Turnstiles ensure robust solutions for crowd control.
MATERIAL - MAIN BODY : GF-8800 / GF-8820 / GF-8830: Electrostatic Powder Coating on Steel GF-8840: 304 Stainless Steel - Satin Finishing
MATERIAL - ROTATING ARMS : GF-8800: Electrostatic Powder Coating on Steel GF-8820 / GF-8840: 304 Stainless Steel GF-8830: 316 Stainless Steel Polished Finishing
TREATMENT - OTHER PARTS : All other parts are coated against corrosion
DIMENSIONS (mm) : 2100 x 1300 x 2200 (WxLxH)
PASSAGE WIDTH (mm) : 612 (per passage)
NOMINAL / MAX. CURRENT : 250 mA / 850 mA (per passage)
POWER CONSUMPTION : 30 W (per passage)
ACCESS CONTROL : Microprocessor based control for granting access. Easy integration with all kind of access control equipment
POSITION DETECTION : Position detection with two separate micro-switches at mechanics
PASSAGE ACKNOWLEDGMENT : Provided by 4 pieces of optical passage sensors controlled with PLC (optional)
WARNING INDICATORS : Two separate warning indicators at front and rear sides of the gate. Green arrow indicates - Passage Open, Red cross indicates - Passage Closed
OPERATION MODE : 6 different operational modes available, programmed by means of software
DIRECTIONAL MODE : Unidirectional and Bidirectional operation features as Only Entrance, Only Exit, Entrance and Exit
ROTATION CONTROL : Self-centered and smooth operation by means of spring and hydraulic damper
CAPACITY : Handling more than 30 passengers per minute
DESIGN : While Cage type design enhances security, its modularity ensures easy part replacement
OPERATION SAFETY : Electrical and mechanical safety for all components, To avoid injuries, all corners and sides are rounded
MANUAL OVERRIDE : Entry and Exit Manual Override option with locked switch cabinet (optional)
ELECTRICAL FAILURES : Main mechanism released and unlocked automatically. Arms rotates free.
WARRANTY : 2 Years
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