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Products » Turnstile Systems » VIP Swing Gates
Classic VIP
Power Input : 100 - 240 V AC
Power Consumption : 60 Watt
Body : 1,2 mm 304 quality stainless steel or electrostatic paint
Operational Temparature : (-20), (+50) C
Dimensions : 940 x 200 x 260 mm
Length of Arm : 750, 900 mm or intermediate lengths
Smart Arm : The tourniquet may feel any objects it touches during its back and forth movements and react accordingly.
System : It has been designed with a microprocessor control. It has bidirectional operation. It has a data output on the pass direction. This output can be either a digital output or be directly sent to a PC when controlled by a PC.
Control : For pass triggering, it may be used by dry contact or 3-50 V dc impact, or by direct PC control with TTL, CMOS or RS232-RS422-485 can be used. Tourniquet as much as 32 and multiples can be controlled through a single PC. All sorts of access control units and other peripherals may be easily connected.
Sensor Control : In the event that a person stands in front of the tourniquet arm during passing, arm's movement will be prevented thanks to the security sensor even in triggering situation for the closing of tourniquet by any control unit. In the event that passing is completed, the system shall carry out the closing operation it keeps in its memory.
Button Control : Also works with a single or double button control. In single button control, tourniquet will make its subsequent movement (closes if open, opens if closed) every time the button is pressed. In double button control, there are separate buttons for opening and closing.
Time Control : If you wish the tourniquet to close automatically some time after opening, it has a time control adjustable to the desired time.
Access Control : It has a microprocessor controlled electro mechanic locking mechanism. The locking mechanism allows passing only by cutting of electric signal given under the control of the microprocessor. In other circumstances, the tourniquet system should be internally interfered or the arm should be broken for non-permitted pass.
Emergency Mode : Control opportunity linking to security systems (automatic free pass mode in emergency situations, and fire alarms) is available. Emergency passes can also be made by remote control. This way, the tourniquets allows for emergency exits.
Display Panels : Tree-phase light indicator ensures pass control of system.Green arrow flashes if the tourniquet is ready for the pass. Green arrow is continuously on when one has been permitted to pass. At the moment one has passed througt the tourniguet, red 'X' signal is on indicating that passing is prohibited at that time for the opposite direction.
Remote Control : It may be controlled by button (30 m) or keyless (3 m) remote controls. Thanks to the keyless command module attached to the key holder or that the personnel will keep with them, when one approaches 3 meters to the tourniquet, the tourniquet recognizes the user and entrance is allowed without pressing any buttons.1-500 button or keyless remote controls may be introduced to a tourniguet.
Warranty : 2 years
Technical Service : Fast and uninterrupted high-quality, expert technical support throughout Turkey, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Central Asia and Balkans.
Quality Standards : TSEK, ISO 9001:2008
Application : Unique input and output sound effects; pass alert blinkers; optional body colors.
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