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Antipanic Folding Arms With Engine
Power Input : 220 V AC
Power Consumption : 150 Watt
Body : 1,2 mm 304 quality 3M stone stainless steel
Operational Temparature : (-20), (+50) C
Dimensions : 95 x 76 x 21 cm
Length of Arm : 43 cm
Control : The turnstile has dry contact or can give 3-50 V DC puls to operate thirt party devices. It can be conneted to PC through TTL, CMOS, RS232 / 485. 256 swing gates can be contcalled by a single PC.It can interoperate with every access control unit and other peripherals.
System : Triomat Anti-panic Folding Arms Turnstile system is designed to operate by a microprocessor control. Works two-ways. Allows only one entrance per access. Digital data output is provided in the direction of access. In case of power outage, system automatically switches to the two-way free acess mode. In Anti-panic Folding Arms Turnstile System powered by a motor, following access permission and with the contact of the person to the turnstile arm, the turnstile arm automatically revolves. Entrance of unauthorized persons is denied by a specially designed mechanical system.
Folding Arm : When a sig"nal come through the alarm input of the turnstile, the arm folds. When alarm signal cut down, the arm comes back to normal position.
Display Panels : Lighting indicator with three positions ensures passing control of the system. If the turnstile is ready for passing a green arrows blinks. When passing is allowed green arrow lights permanent. At the moment of passing through, a red 'X' lights up indicating that passing from the opposite side is forbidden.
Extras : Different voltage support is available. Suitable solutions can be realized depending on the needs.
Special Design : Thanks to its special design, offers a decorative aspect as well as a soft, easy and silent access.
Warranty : 2 Years
Technical Service : Fast and uninterrupted high-qualit, expert technical support throughout Turkey, Turkish Republic of Notrhern cyprus, Central Asia and the Balkans.
Quality Standards : TSEK, ISO 9001:2008
Installation : Assembly kit provides fast and easy installation
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