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Falcon Barrier
Power Input / Consumption : 100 - 240 V AC / 300 watt
Body : 1,5 mm 304 quality stainless steel, aluminium or electrostatic paint on metal sheet
Operational Temparature : (-20), (+60) C
Dimensions : 102 cm x 25 cm x 39 cm ( W x L x H )
Length of Arm : 4,5 m (or in between lengths)
Remote Control : Controlled via button (30m) or keyless (3m) remote control. With a keyless control module either mounted on a vehicle key-holder or left anywhere in the vehicle, barrier knows the vehicle as it approaches to the barrier by 3m and passage permitted without pressing any button. A barrier can recognize 1 - 500 button or keyless remote controls.
Button Control : Barrier operates with either single- or double-button control. For single-button control, barrier takes its next action each time the button is pressed. (Closes if it is open, opens if it is closed). For double-button control, there are buttons arranged for opening and closing actions separately.
Sensor Control : If the vehicle stops under barrier during its passage, downward movement of the arm is prevented by a safety sensor even if any control unit triggers the barrier to close down. When the vehicle completes its passage, the system takes closing action that it keeps in its memory. There is an additional safety sensor for trucks and TIRs.
Smart Arm : Barrier arm is able to sense and react accordingly to an object that contacts with it during its upward and downward movements. For the cases beyond the control of safety sensor, it takes 0,7 sec. for the barrier arm to sense and switch to upward movement automatically during its downward movement. It takes 0,3 sec. for the barrier arm to sense an object in the direction of movement during its upward action, and to stop. It is possible to manufacture the arm in a breakable form in case of a strike.
System : Designed with micro-processor control. All optional features over the electronic circuit are ready to use. System can be improved with no cost by mounting peripheral connections.
Battery : Thanks to battery and battery-charging unit offered as standard in barrier system, it provides an uninterrupted operation of 250 opening - closing actions, in case of a power failure.
Warning Light : During downward and upward movement of barrier arm, a flashing warning light blinks until arm completes its movement.
Reflector : There are reflecting red strips and 'STOP' with a night vision available on the barrier arm.
Emergency Mode : Possible to control through connection with security systems (automatic free passage mode in case of emergency, fire alarm).
Extras : Feeding voltage conditions are available as desired upon the request of user. Suitable solutions can be produced depending upon the needs.
Special Design : With its specific design, offers a decorative aspect for covered and outside places.
Warranty : 2 years
Technical Service : Fast and uninterrupted hight-quality, expert technical support throughout Turkey, Turkish Republic of Notrhern Cyprus, Central Asia and the Balkans.
Quality Standards : TSEK and ISO 9001-2000
Installation : Assembly kit provides fast and easy installation
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